Stone For Levon

Ink on cloud-dragon and plain cotton paper
With three seals of the artist: 水松石山房 Shuisongshi shanfang  (‘TheWater, Pine and Stone Retreat’), 攜杖老人 Xiezhang laoren (‘The old man who carries the staff’), 石石狂 Shishikuang (‘A Fool for Stones’) and 偶然得之 Ouran dezhi (‘Achieved by accident’).  
180 x 213 cm


Stone for Levon

The river runs its course
blending into undifferentiated seas
only those who were nurtured by it
lovingly recall its name
willows that it fed
gorges it carved out
and birdsong that accompanied
its lazy passage
as they idled on the banks
flooding with joy

Levon Helm was one of the cool men of rock.  Cool name, cool drummer, cool voice.  He rocked my life.  Now only the rock remains.
Inscribed by the Master of the Water Pine and Stone Retreat in the spring ‘12.