Arming the Forces of Nature

Ink on Artistico+Fabriano paper
With seven seals of the artist: 水松石山房 Shuisongshi shanfang  (‘TheWater, Pine and Stone Retreat’), 攜杖老人 Xiezhang laoren (‘The old man who carries the staff’), 莫  Mo, 士撝  Shiwei, 石石 Shishi (‘Stones’), 偶然得之 Ouran dezhi (‘Achieved by accident’), and The Sage in the Lotus  (pictorial seal)
70 x 53.5 cm
Hong Kong. May 2012


Arming the forces of Nature.  A strange stone transformed by brush, paper and ink.

When Painting strange stones one never knows quite what will emerge but it is nearly always something that was captured in the stone but perhaps not fully visible, perhaps not visible at all.

This strange stone was filthy from neglect and languishing poorly placed in an ugly stand on the floor of a shop in Cat Street, Hong Kong.  It was begging to be released, so I released it and now I release it some more.

Inscribed by the Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat, in the early summer of 2012.