Chinese Snuff Bottles. Wilf. P. Pond

C INESE S FF B By WILF, P, POND: , weavos its and bottle the cl'ltzy to Illllltlmerltble false reci– and c1 etails of finish which cwo h tl ndred years onee that was in It minor way other varieties. It is a wonderful lain and this of snuff VV"ULVO, the ceases to wonder that its most dei-otees are so np in to the exclusion of othel' back oven to the !In·,,,,,,_ trad i record of Ohinese cll:l'on,OlC)!!'y One can almost say that beforo time WitS, WitS first crude ! In 2697 n. c. it waS inid of tho in 2255 mself worked in ceralll ics like :ilInx i m ilian the to descend il'om the first Ilation to the bench of and on one level in of leaI'll fl'om the workman and artist of his art. How this record dwarfs oren tho snuff bottle back to 825 A. D"left the Ohinese mill- Itne! the whieh 1\'[['. of New York lltlmberless 'yeal's to ci'ol ve translucen t and1ator still tho une 1mI'd J.,",ULU5VO And in all these tho snuff thl'Ofl,cl infll1enee in for what was The first statement mnke on this is that these bottles and of all nations as the most delicate and artistic of the whole porce- and also of the and other snbstances in all curio world. Rich in detail and statnettes and ~t:lltlnt1 OnHtulcn botLle betokens a a Ull,gl:l:I'lUe;J IT is more curialis as Oll snufl' bottle uni- vorsal as was its use among the classes of that nation in esteemed as it if! collectors COlIn climes in vall1<l,ble as it is not link to the ceramic art of but also in the baser value of than curious its shoulu be almost lost that German and Italian touch that tbe collectors themsoll'es own their this and that one has to go to the litemtnre of the and to 'Ohinese and eyen the few notes n1'O here to- LANDSCAPE DECORATION, IN BLUE AND WHITE GLAZE,