Chinese Snuff Bottles. Wilf. P. Pond

CHINIiJ8E SNUFF BO'l'T'LE8. 507 a... .vase of the most fa- on the skin 'rhe of hI one of .the seate(l .on a tree The tl!Unk ill nstrates' the of the fable. where the left and from whose branches he with weariness fLl11'1 fell into immortal- the a The finest Spflci:men is a flat oval bottle decomted with Hsi Shih, the and on the reverse Knoi-fei. A very valuable is in dnll, vitreolls ware, decorated red lotus flowers and green deaves. This is abont two inches in' [md mol'c vnJuable A very curiolls ouo is of enamel, on covered « The H"n,l,·"d The IVOl'll: Here is a detailed mons ones which may be various collections: of n In bnnpi3011 and Warren bave the famons cabinets of factor in an:1010WIRII.O·(,fl to be the most and val'ions bst,ance3, in the world to– same amount of :work and men would have nnr",,",,orl is the reason that anna same wealth or detail been lav- is helel to In a nl'ivn.CA VU'''G'''' bottle 011 which is God of Ohildren; O1u1,1'les A. Norcross and are rich in these treasnres. :Mr: Altmn,n has ma,ny noble Qn"nlm,m.~ in hard and :Mr. of ullwa.'Yo. ished. 'rhe most beantifnl this are Di-"O\j'U"'U~