Chinese Snuff Bottles. Wilf. P. Pond

CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES. 509 SOME RARE SNUFF nOT'l'LES FROM THE DEAKIN COr,LECTION, ,md a per- of those offered to l>011 n:;Li:l. if not ons modern of fine fLU- made in tho Brl1mma- gem of Snuff a mLt,ional habit the is fast and is retain- ed among the (mc1 wealthiest where it flourishes as a pra,ctH~e of old-time Abnn,pt,t,,, its decadence habit snuff bottle beC)OIlleS more and more of an heirloom and a curio of The ex- of a wertltlJ,v nobleman is that not tell pel' mmt. of the classes aro addicted to the lise and that this ten PUifillW' snuffs on the Cll lIese a tmdo or and wbose is stillwortil is the nl'1f'AI"R~ heirloom. '"'''''Q",,,,O''' IV ho will attain, 1850 cost $108.10; in in the cmiosities aild the Phil– cloJOJand, anll the great very few vrtl"ieties be- average Is of our currency, words " are fnll of For this reason, in this land the valne .snu fl' , increases with age, as do Madeirlt or fine old wine and other CO\1n- and a land IV here the interest is 3ri per cent. annum, it is easy to without cal- enormons values whioh old snuff For of snuff in $23.26 ; in will a fortune. 'I'o_riCi." the snuff market is of Ohina. Cubit Islttnels H is nvnn,"Q' the fami- 11e1'sonal use, (mel ill conse– exc)ee(:lec[ the to the fab- quenee ltud it ulous Those old traders the and soon real- izecl the fortune awaitim! Anf.fn'nl'i~A in this mat- and from the VilHH;be, and also mCll1C)pClIItlS from their myn were to Bell snuff m that coun clever merchan of can tio11s to i usure but were smart el1'()ll,;::U "IA,VAl'lv means of what we who went about 1,,"1(>]110" , [t taste obtained l10ts It pel' c0nt. is exc~lnsivelv amongst wh He that of tho '±N1J,VVV,V\,IV of the of po:pulatlol1, 0110 in threo 1180 it in any form. Confucius have known tobacco as an herb and used for &11 unlimited ti mc, and their name for it as as 1400 was and the written melltion of snnff in China is toward the mi(ldlo of it is rcfol'l'ccl to i nu m bedess earlier oml traditions as " tho izer of fonl [til' and" the rem- for head l1iseases." The of 1:'11vsi.cirLUS those both byrecommendatj(m