Chinese Snuff Bottles. Wilf. P. Pond

510 OHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES. in to be snuff serve everyone, ill the flask 'expecti,d to nl'()l)Al"~V of a Hi,ti ve vessel. It is with n rouud in is fastened a slender silYel' spoon. On the side of the' bottle the familial' lettel"s :0'[. M.," from whieh it may be inferred that it wetS OHce a cayenne-peppel' ,caster on the luxurious table of one of the of the find amount. Amel'icfin Dnt of the m!wket the An",-vlIdlln,,, some States has killed UanUi,!!e in others. One of or of the made into a harcl as <1esired for 11se. the use istl'icts in lYli"n iJJ]()() I'm. over three h tire snuff was to died on crushed and the the demand was sustained and incl'eased h01,Ye,'er~ the maul1fr,ctnre of tho domestic muoh was now totals about ",V'U,cIVV P91' year, to the tastes of the very nOf)l'ei,G ·GlIJ,::;~e~. and as low as ten cents pel' "rbis is J1llbolted and unscented. There is a bet- iel' wbich realizes 50 and is made in the Hovel: The tohacco somewhat elastic are and stored in cellars 01" go- ,(lawns covers are not closetl-and lIeI'D it remains Ul) til fermentation sets which 11,1 to lLlmost to the abso- Into pn!;refaction. 'l'be al'e then the and fresh leaves add eel full. are for four