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GEOGRAPHICAL NEWS. 5n in snuff uoL- of heirlooms I1ncllll1- tire collections of the sl1l'vi mel!s oj' this beantifull1ucl artistic so interwoven with tradition ancl1t:,,\1"U, to be found in States O"e has over three whom, while .you al'e diseussing :literature, 'yonfind it.Don– venient to quote was born ·in Boston, Liueolnshire, '·01' Boston, lIilassaehusetts, One wendes oEit indesoribably. It is always Profes30rThis 01' Oolonel That." Thus some Al.nerHmn writers put a 'kind of bountybheir home .liter– ature, if it were sngar, n 'What reader cares (J, snap of his fingers where the man emdleel who makes him for awhile forget P" "Vrhether Khol'sabacl 01' B'lby- 'lon," it all the same. Who cares nbout spelling? Mil. ton ~pelt ' dog' with two The AIJlO1'iean Milton, when he comes, lUay spell it with while nIl the world WOll- del'S, if he is minded," GEOGRAPHICAL NE'iVS. LITERARY MEMORANDA. on the to enter Thi. tr,weler, a wflY mta not 6ue· attempt. M. DUTREUIL DE RUINS 30th of ,Tune, from Turkestan, he bet across tbe Knen-lnn Mountnms, A Hedin, his tUI'U to find Lhasa, disguise.d Persian He eeed, but his failUl'e will uot deter others THE mounhtin elimbers have begun to try Jnpanes6 peaks and l'llnges, 01' they prefer to The Rev. Walter of Japan, in a letter to Donglas Fresh:fielc1, describes two ascents m[l,(le in the summer of 18\J3, one across thp. Hnl'.inokl Puss, 8,000 feet high, !lnd tho other up the Peak. l), 10,000 fee~ high !lind like un at Both pluees 111'8 iuOentml ,Japan, nnd. like every other traveler in that Mr. Weston is ehllrmed witll its beauty, 'fho80 who seek sosnel')' do well to try Ju.pau. LORD DUNMORE has just fmill the eoullt of journey [1,('1'08S spring of 18\J3. He loft Loh. in Cashmere, through the Nubra Valle, aud on the Daps.lllg Plrttellll by a pass 18,330 feet high, to which he gave the llame Pe.rm".]aptse(hutterfly) beclluse thore StlW [l, very beautiful butterfly. It might 'hlwe been better to 10n1'n the nat~venaUle the pass; but Lord Dunmore is ImoWll lobe ,I>OlUething of lluOriental '1'he Plateau, its gr0ut BY GEORGE Hl1IU.lJl1T, OF THE AMERICAI'! GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, THE Sj'stemat.ic explol'lltiou of the Arctic regiolls, posed by Mr. Stein, the United States Geologieal veJ', seems to be favored by nll those who are well ac– quainted with the Arctie problem. Sir George Nares, who is one of the f1uthorities ou the subject, says in a recent letter: think Stein is on the right The plan to establish a fl,oeessible sea, aud forward from substations, at moderate disti\nee fwm the base and gradually snpple. mented by other posts us arB extencled. In this Wfl,y the in the would always be wHhin reaeh of sltpplies, !lnd in communieation with ei'vilized world. There is every probability that Mr. Stein will l'e– cehe the support neC0SS;UY io em,ble him te make the in the el,rly Slliumer of this ~·eiu·. REPORTS concerning disaster to Nmsen in the K[\ra Sea were without foumlntion. Mr, E, ,James, who was with the fleet that salled for the Yanisei River last summer, car· rying steel mils for the Tmnssibel'iau Road, wrote to the Royal Geogmphieal Societyin December that the Kam Sea WIlS open [\nd through the snmmer and np to the end of September, when Mr, James voyage to Duudee, .LIFE, B J' James B. Goode, 158 KllllSaS City Novel Publishing Mo, NE\V PUBLICl\TIONS RECEIVED, THE LAW ACt' A GLANOE, $1. . Excelsior House, BROWN'S BUSINESS OORRESPONDENOE AND TION, William H, Brown. 350 Excelsior House, New 'I'm': BUU,DING 0.' THE BEAU'J:I]'UL A POETIC ROMANOE. Miller, 196 pp, Cloth, $1.50. Stone &; Ol,mbridge, JVlass. THE POLITICAL EOONOMY OF N~\TURAL LAW. WOOD, 305 pp, Cloth, $1.25. Lee Boston. . A BOOK ·that will command the attention of all lovers of animals, particnlarly the dog, is Beautiful Joe, II by shall So,unders (Charles H, Banes, is fI . charming, entertaining for young and no kind·hearted boy girl should fail to read jt, tale was awarded the three.hundred·dollar prize offered by the Amel'ioan Humane Eduoation the best for ohildr[ln on the laws of to dumb the jury passed upon it consisting of Hezekiah Butterworth, E, E, Hllie llnd Dr. P, S. Moxom, Butterworth says of the story: "Such books llS this one of the needs of our progressive system of education, 'fhe day sehool, sohool libraries for the Joung demand the infiuenee th[\t shall teaeh the how to live in' sympathy with the animal world; how to understand the language of the ere[\tUl'es tlmt we have long .been aeeustomed to eall 'dumb,' and the sign language of the lOWEll' orders of these dependent beings." " Beautiful Joe" is in attrfwtiYe for1l1, printed auel lmndsolnely illustmted, As ANDREW has vEllltnred to before, Mr, Augns. tine Birrell, in his new VOII11I18 of at Bmnder lliI".tthews for rebuking his and Miss Agnes Not haviug the Flag before eyes, this young quoted fifteen antho1'8. and did -not Professor Boyesen HIggiuson. ot' Hen Hawthorne and LowelL "Why, in the of eOlllmon "sense, should she quote' British authors' if they serve hel' turn " As if it m",tterod an atom whether t\n'