Exhibition of Chinese Snuff Bottles: Martin Schoen

89. ETCHED IVORY AND BURGAUTt LACQUER SNUFF BOTTLE Drum-shaped flask in black lacquer, inset with two ivory medallions of delicately etched exotic birds among magnolia and peony blossoms; the sides minutely diapered in mother-of-pearl, studded with tiny gold ros- ettes. Seal mark of the reign underfoot. Conforming stopper. Ch'ien Lung Height 31/4 inches From James Graham & Sons, New York Illustrated on page 22. 90. CARVED MOTHER-OF-PEARL SNUFF BOTTLE Flattened oval flask, the obverse carved with a figure of Shou Loa, his head in the three-quarters round, holding the peach of Longevity and facing a bat, emblematic of Happiness. The reverse carved in low relief with a cluster of lotus stems. Pearl stopper. Ch'ien Lung Height 23/4 inches 91. RARE CLAIR DE LUNE PORCELAIN SNUFF BOTTLE In the shape of a pilgrim flask of beautiful oval form, and with two angular loop handles joining the cylindrical neck to the shoulder. Fash- ioned from Ta Ch'ing kaolinic porcelain, at the Imperial kilns at Ching- te-chén in Kiangsi province, and invested with a monochrome. Yueb par Clair de Lune glaze. Ch'ien Lung Height 41,4 inches Illustrated on page 28. 92. RARE CREAM-GLAZED "SOFT PASTE" PORCELAIN SNUFF BOTTLE Pilgrim-bottle type, molded in bas relief with two dragons writhing amid clouds, the shoulders with two delicately modeled undercut dragon handles; invested with a broadly crackled creamy white glaze of "pear d'orange" texture. Four-character seal mark of the reign underfoot. Ch'ien Lung Height 31/4 inches Collection of Harry Hawes, Washington, D. C. Illustrated on page 16. 93. FAMILLE ROSE "CARVED" PORCELAIN TWIN SNUFF BOTTLE Heart-shaped bottle with twin necks; the ground "carved" and under- cut with numerous tiny figures of male and female worshippers and guards assembled about an altar at the top of golden stairs; the reverse shows female genre figures before a pavilion. Green opaline glass stoppers. Ch'ien Lung Height 3 1/4 inches From Yamanaka & Co., New York 94. FAMILLE ROSE "CARVED" PORCELAIN SNUFF BOTTLE Slender heart-shaped bottle with a pierced and undercut design of a three-clawed dragon and a flying phoenix, in coral red and turquoise blue, on a ground of white clouds. Collector's hallmark underfoot, in red. Coral stopper. Chia Ch'ing Height 31/4 inches From Yamanaka & Co., New York 29