Exhibition of Chinese Snuff Bottles: Martin Schoen

95. BLANC DE CHINE PORCELAIN SNUFF BOTTLE Quadrangular bronze-form flask, molded in low relief with panels of interlocking T-frets bordered by fret scrolls; coated with a milky white glaze, the underfoot glazed robin's-egg blue. Silver stopper. Chien Lung Height 2% inches 96. MAIZE YELLOW PORCELAIN SNUFF BOTTLE Molded in the form of an ear of corn, and invested with a brilliant maize yellow glaze. Stopper of related design. Chien Lung Height 3% inches From J. Voron, New York 97. GLAZED STONEWARE SNUFF BOTTLE Bronze-form flask with animal-mask mock-ring handles. Washed with a watery crackled glaze revealing the buff color of the paste, and becoming aquamarine blue where it gathers in thickness; the front is boldly marbled to suggest a floral spray in russet brown and three tones of blue. Archaistic mark underfoot. Jade stopper. Chien Lung Height 3 inches Note: The mark underfoot reads KuYu Wien, which probably represents the name of the artisan. 98. RARE l-HSING BLACK STONEWARE SNUFF BOTTLE Oval flask, crisply molded with a broad band of diapering bordered above and below by fret scrolls and leaf motives. Seal mark of the artist Chih Lan impressed underfoot. Fei-ts'iti jade stopper. Ch'ien Lung Height 2% inches From J. Voron, New York 99. BLUE AND WHITE "SOFT PASTE' PORCELAIN SNUFF BOTTLE. Tall-necked oviform bottle decorated in underglaze blue with a moun- tainous landscape, and scholars in pavilions overhanging a lake, on a rice white ground. Rampant dragon above the "jewel" underfoot. Silver and enamel frog stopper. Yung Ching Height 3 5 /g inches Collection of J. Pierpont Morgan, New York 100. BLUE AND WHITE "SOFT PASTE" PORCELAIN SNUFF BOTTLE Oviform, with cylindrical neck; decorated with an Imperial five-clawed dragon coiled about the body amid flames and clouds, reserved on a dark cobalt blue ground. Carnelian stopper. Yung Ching Height 3% inches Collection of J. Pierpont Morgan, New York Illustrated on page 16. 30