An Overview of Qing Glass

23 confirmation of the date of this form from figure 91 , which bears a Daoguang mark. We can also see signs of a marked decline in quality if this represents an Imperial Daoguang bottle. It may come from the end of the reign, since we know that by 1858 his successor was so exasperated by the poor quality of workmanship from the Imperial glassworks that he ordered only plain bottles be made, with the reign marks rendered clearly, suggesting that even the calligraphy had become sloppy, which is borne out by surviving Fig. 89. Plain realgar glass with mask and ring handle, on the narrow sides. Bloch Collection. Fig. 90. Amber-brown glass with swirling threads of milky white. Bloch Collection. Fig. 88. Blue overlay on a snowflake ground carved as a Spanish coin of eight reales, the reverse with the monarch ’ s head. J & J Collection. Fig. 91. Pale peach color with horizontal band and Daoguang mark. Fig. 87. Cinnabar-red overlay on a white ground carved to illustrate a planter on a stand with prunus tree and inscription above, the reverse with brush-pot holding objects and another scene below, Li Junting. Bloch Collection.