This does not tell us when the society came into existence or what its continuity was through the turbulent years of the last century, but if it still exists it may possess records indicating when and why its name appears on an enameled-glass snuff bottle. For the mention of Xue’s charitable contribution, see Xu Wei 徐偉, “Huimou guoqu, xiji weilai” 回眸過去,希冀未來 [Looking back at the past and having hopes for the future], in Aiguo zhuyi jiaoyu jiaoxiangqu: Hunan ‘hongdu’ huodong shisi nian 愛國主義交響曲﹕湖南“紅讀”活動14年 [Patriotic chorus: Fourteen years of Hunan’s ‘Read Red’ movement] (Changsha, Hunan jiaoyu chubanshe, 1996), 153.