The Lingnan School

Fig. 17. Front and reverse of faceted crystal bonle, showing Guangzhou harbor. Fig. 18. Beginning of continuous harbor scene, painted on tapered cylindrical boule. printed collectors seal of a crest showing a raised forearm holding an arrow, together with the inked num– ber, 1160. A little research at the time seems to have led me to the conclu– sion that the crest was that of Sir John Smiley. Either these port scenes were all by the same hand, Fig. 19. Continuation of scene on bottle in figure 18. or one or twO Lingnan artists re– sponded to a popular demand in painting the same subject. Since delivering this lecture, I have discovered one further exam– ple. It is painted with a magnificent sweeping panorama on one side of a fairly large bulbous bottle, with a 11 Fig. 20. Further continuation of scene on bottle in figure 18. Fig. 21. End of scene on bottle in figure 18. poem on the reverse followed by the signature Ren, a family name. Another closely related group of bottles must all have come from a single artist (figs. 22-29.) They are characterized by a literate style, dif– ferent and rather more linear than that of Gan Xuanwen or Chen Quan,